Prison Break (TV Series 2005–2009)

Meanwhile on Earth-2, Lincoln and Sara live happily married.

Rating-4 Ketchups

Prison Break Kernel Ketchup

No one aspires to go to prison, but what if your brother is at stake, willing to take chances? So how this came to my mind you ask, well the title up above is the culprit. This thrilling crime fiction with its heart-pumping, thumping, jumping story line is intriguing to watch. Prison break, the title somewhat spoils the story, but then again the wonders of Paul Scheuring (yeah! google it, I ain’t gonna tell you) and the amazing cast makes me rate it at one of the best suspense based TV Series.

The show came out in 2005 and ended in 2009 with all four seasons equally captivating, but as you have wondered there have been some developments and Fox is giving rebirth to this epic drama. Great, isn’t it? No? Okay for those who haven’t watched the TV series let me give you little glimpses of the glory others have experienced. Season 1 starts with Micheal Scofield (portrayed brilliantly by Wentworth Miller, or you might know him as Captain Cold these days), a structural engineer preparing to rob a bank, later when the story moves forward, we see that the purpose was to get into the same prison in which his brother Lincoln Burrows ( acted by the tough guy Dominic Purcell, or heatwave for some) was being held for execution as a punishment for killing the Vice President’s brother (which he didn’t actually do). Now, the little one’s job is to break out his big brother out of the penitentiary as all the legal methods to prove his innocence failed. The way Micheal executes his plans will surely make you fall in love with him, leaving you for wanting more. Now without giving the game away, I request you to please watch pilot episode of the series, I’m sure only one episode will hook you up and as the protagonist says, “Better than that, I’ve got them on me” about the blueprints, takes my breath away. The first season was going to be a 13 episode based series but the much appreciated response forced Fox to give green signal to the director and not much to say, he hasn’t stopped since, the 5th season is going to be a pizza topping for those who have experienced the enigma of Micheal Scofield. There are many of us out there who would want to watch the series again for the first time, but those who haven’t watched it even once, embrace the powers the almighty has bestowed upon you. Nothing more to say, open a new tab and learn how to break out of prison, who knows when it might come in handy. There’s also a third person shooter game based on the series which is quite old now, it was average in my opinion, so you can guess the popularity of this show. Happy Watching (:


4 thoughts on “Prison Break (TV Series 2005–2009)

  1. Dayum, flashback! I haven’t seen this since it was on telly, but my lil sis has the DVD boxset. I think I might borrow it from her, the way you write about the show really has me itching to watch it all again from the start. And the handy thing is, my memory is terrible so I can’t remember how it ended at all 😀

    Good stuff mate

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    1. That won’t be a problem! You’ve plenty of time because next season won’t air until spring 2017. And about that bad memory part, it can be seen as blessings in disguise coz you can watch everything again with technically no spoilers. 😀



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