Sausage Party (2016) [Movie]

Explore the great beyond!

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy

The last time you went to a supermarket did you ever stop to wonder what would those tiny little items over the shelf would think if they had a conscience? Or are they just non-playable characters in the current simulation that we’re a part of? No, of course you didn’t! You only think about yourself. Shame! Shame! Shame!

I wonder why this movie is rated so low on every platform that I noticed. Granted it isn’t what the average movie go-er would expect. Let me give you some direction, it’s an animation movie directed towards adults, so yeah. It has some witty puns on the stereotypes of different cultures along with sufficient amount of vulgarity to keep it away from the reach of kids.

That’s all I can give without spoiling the movie for you. It will be a fun experience, I can promise you that. Although please avoid watching it if you’re easily butt-hurt about things and take things straight to your heart. So wait no more and tune in to Netflix right now.

Verdict: A Must Watch Entertainer!

Link: Netflix


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